Do I need a Farm Business Registration Number?

A farmer earning a gross eligible farm income of $7,000 or more (As defined by Canada Revenue Agency) must register under the Farm Business Registration Program. This is not the same as GST Registration. Registration qualifies the farmer for some government programs ie; farm property class tax rate program.

What is the OFA?

The Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) The Voice of Ontario Farmers, represents the interests of over 38,000 members. OFA is the largest voluntary farm organization in Canada. The OFA is farmer-driven and lead and continues to work hard to ensure that all levels of government hear Ontario farmers? concerns. Over the years concerns include property taxes, income stability, environment and water quality have been priorities.

What do I get for my Membership?

Provincially the OFA lobbies Federal and Provincial Governments Policy issues come forward from local County Federations and committees to the OFA Board of Directors, Once approved at OFA they are turned over to standing committees and research staff and turned into recommendations that can be delivered to governments. County Federation work on issues that are brought forward by members in the County. They are either acted upon by the local Federations by lobbying local government officials or moved on to OFA for Provincial support. Member Service Representative (MSR) work in each County and provide support to local Federation Boards and members. Members are encouraged to contact their MSR for individual service on farm issues.