Kids Fun Facts

Pumpkins vary in colour from white to yellow to orange to green

An average sized pumpkin contains about 1 cup of seeds

“Apocolocynposis” is the fear of turning into a pumpkin

Mushrooms are grown in windowless, dark rooms that make it easier to control temperature and humidity and to conserve energy

There are 2000 varieties of mushrooms but only 100 are edible

Wild turkeys live in forest areas and can fly and run fast. Domesticated turkeys are raised for food and are unable to fly.

It takes 28 days for a turkey egg to hatch

There are over 5000 different types of potatoes in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colours

In October 1995, the potato was the first vegetable to be grown in space.

27 kilograms of wheat makes 42 loaves of bread

A healthy wheat plant grows to approximately 90 cm tall.

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